Should I stay?

I’m thinking about not using this blog anymore because of Project Infinity not permanently deleting it. I’m pretty sure I’ll go back but I’m still deciding on what to use as my main blog.  Vote please!

/EDIT: I’m not permanently leaving. I’ll find out how to make my Tumblr posts go to WordPress, so the daily flood will be from Project Infinity.


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Canon 60D


Today, we celebrated the despedida of my lololola and tita since they’ll be going home to Canada on the seventh. They all have their cameras with them whenever we have our annual Arboleda reunion (a reunion for all occasions) though the last time I saw my Canada relatives was when I was ten or eleven.


I was surprised to see my lolo take a picture of us young ones (haha sorry) with an SLR. At first I said, “That’s a 600D.” since the last camera I thought my grandfather had was a 60D. Then my tito asked lolo to play guitar (it was one of the his talents that I only found out today and this is one of the many traditions we Arboledas have which is someone will perform their talent. I’m know as the Arboleda who has none haha), my cousin started looking at the pictures on his camera then, BOOM. Canon 60D!


My grandfather has a freaking Canon 60D. I couldn’t believe it. I first told my parents, “This is the dream camera I was talking about! The one I showed you that costs 80,000.” I shot a few pictures with it and I felt happy. This is what I want to do with my life, this is what I want people knowing my name for. Someday, I’ll be a famous photographer and I’ll get all the cameras I wish I had.


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My new watermark/Updates 4-30-12

Juggling a lot of blogs is very exhausting. I never really took blogging as a serious business and I don’t plan to (we’ll just see in the future). I blog for fun and for people to appreciate my posts, no other reason.

Blogging doesn’t seem to be giving me a reason to stay. Negative comments are the first things that came into my head after I finished writing that sentence, but I’m not really offended by that and not delaying my blog because of it.

I’m not deleting this blog. I’m just going to take a break for a while because of Project Infinity. ‘Till next time! :)

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Project Infinity

Hi guys! I made a new blog weeks ago which I update everyday called Project Infinity. Photographers usually do Project 365 in which they post a picture on their Flickr or blog for a year. Mine’s kinda like that but I post a picture for every day of my life (or close to that as I can manage). Please support me! Thank you :)

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I am an avenger.

So last night, we watched The Avengers. It’s actually a very good movie, it might be even better when my favorite superhero, Spider Man was there but I’m not complaining! Luke Skywalker’s just my second favorite super hero.

I have always loved superheroes; I think I got my nerd side from my mom (I think I’m actually a bigger geek than her). Looking at comic books make me feel so good though I can never afford them and my parents won’t ever allow me to buy one, anyway.

When I watched The Avengers, I realized that anyone can be a superhero like Agent Phil who didn’t even get Captain America to sign his collection (creys). Since last night, I’ve been brainstorming on different superhero names for me. I want something unique like Black Widow, who doesn’t have girl or woman in her name. But so far, I have none. Oh well, I have the whole summer!

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Asian poses

This is the only decent photo I have with Asian poses. Don’t judge me since I like  posing like this.

I love Asian poses because:

  1. I’m Asian and I don’t get why people criticize our poses even if they are also Filipino like me.
  2. They’re very fun!
  3. Okay, the Asian pose is not the Jejemon pose. If you’re Pinoy, you know what I’m talking about. To those who are not Jejemons, we can make (or it might be already made) this our classy pose.

Okay, I’ve been ranting about Asian poses for quite some time now, and what I would like to see is you doing Asian poses! Not for a contest or something just because it is the summer season and most of us have nothing to do (not me! I just want something to look forward to everyday) so please comment on the link here. Thanks guys!

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I have this Blackberry Bold 9000 that’s extremely broken. Then my dad said that we’ll have it swapped with another phone. I did some research on the price of my almost dead Blackberry, and I think that I can get a new phone that’s awesome. I love my Samsung Galaxy Y, but I’m really getting fed up on the battery life (example: I charged it overnight then I lost a bar when I wasn’t even using my phone. I don’t know if the battery’s the problem.) My choices for the swap are:

  1. Blackberry Curve 8520 or Blackberry Torch 9800/9810 – since I didn’t have any luck with my old Blackberry, I want to have a new one so that I can have the real Blackberry Experience. I remember looking at one of my notebooks when I was a kid saying that my dream phone’s a Blackberry because my aunt has one. I had a Blackberry but I didn’t have the experience. Unfortunately, my daddy said that if a new Blackberry will be swapped, he’ll just buy a new battery for the Bold 9000, but I’m trying to convince him! And having a Blackberry means that I can get the BB Social Plan so that it will be worth it and I probably won’t ask for a new phone for years (same goes to my other choices :) ). Oh and I don’t want a black Blackberry (it would still be awesome though). Not being racist but I think we’ve all seen enough black Blackberries. 
  2. iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s – I’ve always wanted an iPhone ever since it came out. It doesn’t really matter if I get the iPhone 4 since the only difference with the 4 and the 4s is Siri. I know that I won’t be talking to Siri that much so I’d be happy with any of these two! 
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab – I don’t know anything about the Galaxy Tab since I never planned to have one before. It’s like an iPod, I know, but I don’t really know how to use it. I’ll learn, just give me this as my phone! I’m a huge bookworm so having e-books on my tablet will be the best thing to give to a bookworm ever. I like reading books, not paying for them. There are millions of books out there—that I love and want to read—so I’m really excited!
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