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BOOK REVIEW: The Harry Potter Series

I was first interested in reading the Harry Potter series back when I was eight or nine. I borrowed the first book from tita Connie (she has all the books) but I returned them when I was on page seventy-five … Continue reading

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I am an avenger.

So last night, we watched The Avengers. It’s actually a very good movie, it might be even better when my favorite superhero, Spider Man was there but I’m not complaining! Luke Skywalker’s just my second favorite super hero. I have always … Continue reading

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We are all mean here.

I find myself mean, I actually don’t know anyone who doesn’t judge a person either behind their backs or right in front of them. Admit it,  we all talk behind someone’s back and we all judge, so stop acting like … Continue reading

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But I’m not the only one.

I call myself a daydreamer. Every night, I go to sleep extremely late because of nostalgia. I’m not complaining that I don’t get any sleep, I love my nostalgia, I’m the biggest dreamer I know. I think that I actually fell … Continue reading

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Life is like Tetris

Life is like tetris. You never know what life gives you, so you just have the decision on what to do with it. You always get angry if you never do it right or do something else with it, but … Continue reading

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Hunger Games

And no, I didn’t write this review in my previous post because I just wanted to write about my experience and I promise to do movie and book reviews more often from now on :) Anyway, I loved The Hunger … Continue reading

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Biggest fans?

I hate people like these. The kind of people who just like The Hunger Games because Taylor Swift sung the theme song, likes The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo because they think that they’re “rebellious”, or the people who claim … Continue reading

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