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Pierre Barnoti asked: Hey man, I love your page, what background image do you use?

I think this question needed a post of its own, since I want to tell everyone the story of my background image. I think it will let people know who I really am. It’s something I originally drew for a … Continue reading

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April 2012

 So as you can see, I’m not that active with blogging anymore, and I have a reason. I’m not that active in blogging anymore because I am very lazy, and I’m busy with Project Infinity. I’m not abandoning this blog … Continue reading

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Nika Replies II

You might know Nika Replies. Now there are more! Nika Replies (people) – put a name in the form below (it doesn’t have to be specific) and I’ll tell you a story about that person. Nika Replies (random) – put any … Continue reading

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February 2012-March 2012

Hi guys! So I finally published these questions the day before the last day of the month. As you can see, I go by Let me taste the sea now but nothing’s changed! I’m still a huge ranter :) Please … Continue reading

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January 2012

Sorry for all the rants about deleting my blog. Some questions are answered in a not-so-good way. Also, if you used some portions on my blog, please give me a link on

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November 30-December 2011

Yet again, it seems like most of you don’t read my FAQ page and still ask the same questions. I’m sorry but I won’t be answering your question if it is already in my FAQ page. I hope you all … Continue reading

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November 2011

Thank you guys since I got 100-something comments! I couldn’t be anymore happier. I can’t answer some of your questions, though because of these reasons: I’ve never experienced it before, I can’t understand your grammar/the words your using (I’m only … Continue reading

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