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La Sardina

I’ve been wanting a Lomography camera since last year. I already know where I could buy a Holga 135BC and the film. The lomo camera I want besides the Holga is the La Sardina. And if ever I’m getting one, … Continue reading

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Canon 60D

  Today, we celebrated the despedida of my lolo, lola and tita since they’ll be going home to Canada on the seventh. They all have their cameras with them whenever we have our annual Arboleda reunion (a reunion for all occasions) though the last time I saw my … Continue reading

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My new watermark/Updates 4-30-12

Juggling a lot of blogs is very exhausting. I never really took blogging as a serious business and I don’t plan to (we’ll just see in the future). I blog for fun and for people to appreciate my posts, no … Continue reading

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Nika’s Infinite Summer Playlist, Books and Must-Haves

This is just what I will and will not listen to or read or have. I have no intention of offending someone! These opinions here are my own and if you want to put a comment on me being “real”, … Continue reading

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I made my decision!

I’m going to buy a Holga 135 BC. The film’s cheap as well and so worth it I’m so excited!

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Holga or LC-A?

If you read my post about my Christmas wishes, you know that I’m starving to buy a Lomo camera (or a red Canon 1100D. But I’m going to start with Lomography). I was actually interested in Lomography before real photography … Continue reading

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Canon Remote Timer

If you guys don’t know, I’ve been desperately wanting an SLR for my fourteenth birthday. So that you guys won’t forget, my birthday is on the twenty second of February and I’m blogging about the things I want/need for my … Continue reading

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