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My new favorite band!

My new favorite band (surprisingly, local) is Never the Strangers! I’ve never had a favorite local band except for the Eraserheads, but they broke up years ago. I first listened to Never the Strangers in the car on our way … Continue reading

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Marshall Major Headphones

Forget the Panasonic RP-HTX7, these headphones are hat I’m saving up for! It doesn’t matter if it’s in black and white. I love them both! Marshall is originally a brand of amplifiers which has been used by one of the most … Continue reading

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I want music!

I have a 3G iPod Touch but I absolutely hate it. It turns on after a week when I try to open it, then the next week, it doesn’t turn on even if I charged it the day before and I don’t … Continue reading

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Nika’s Infinite Summer Playlist, Books and Must-Haves

This is just what I will and will not listen to or read or have. I have no intention of offending someone! These opinions here are my own and if you want to put a comment on me being “real”, … Continue reading

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Why I love Switchfoot

Why do I love Switchfoot? Because of my favorite movie and because of my days of youth.  During those summer road trips, when I was just eight years old and listening to the A Walk to Remember soundtrack, I knew … Continue reading

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Mandy Moore

                Aside from Marie’ Digby, Mandy Moore is my role model for as long as I could remember. And if you guys don’t know, A Walk to Remember is my favorite movie. I … Continue reading

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Haven’t seen my role model

Dear Marié Digby, you’ve been in the Philippines for a long time now. Yet, I haven’t seen you even for just a split second.   I missed the time when you were here–I think last 2008–but I was only ten … Continue reading

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