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Doc Martens

I now finally have my first pair of Doc Martens!! I haven’t taken it off since we got home :D Advertisements

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It was my first time ever—together with my dad and my brothers—to go to Boracay and everything they say about that place is absolutely true. The sand really is white (well, not really white but lighter than most beaches I’ve … Continue reading

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Pierre Barnoti asked: Hey man, I love your page, what background image do you use?

I think this question needed a post of its own, since I want to tell everyone the story of my background image. I think it will let people know who I really am. It’s something I originally drew for a … Continue reading

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My new watermark/Updates 4-30-12

Juggling a lot of blogs is very exhausting. I never really took blogging as a serious business and I don’t plan to (we’ll just see in the future). I blog for fun and for people to appreciate my posts, no … Continue reading

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I am an avenger.

So last night, we watched The Avengers. It’s actually a very good movie, it might be even better when my favorite superhero, Spider Man was there but I’m not complaining! Luke Skywalker’s just my second favorite super hero. I have always … Continue reading

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Why I love summer

You can never expect anything. You can either go to Boracay or to Batangas and you don’t know what will ever happen to you.  You may go back to your childhood resorts or beaches (in my case, Subic, Fontana and … Continue reading

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Grimmie hair!

I finally had my haircut after nine months, since I thought my hair only grew an inch. I’ve always wanted Christina Grimmie hair because she’s my role model, I got too lazy to print her picture (we also don’t have ink) but … Continue reading

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