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I have this Blackberry Bold 9000 that’s extremely broken. Then my dad said that we’ll have it swapped with another phone. I did some research on the price of my almost dead Blackberry, and I think that I can get a new … Continue reading

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I want a new phone, okay?!

I don’t care what kind of Blackberry it is, as long as it’s PURPLE or WHITE. I already have the Blackberry Bold 9000 (but it’s very broken) so anything else other than that unit will be awesome!  

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Marshall Major Headphones

Forget the Panasonic RP-HTX7, these headphones are hat I’m saving up for! It doesn’t matter if it’s in black and white. I love them both! Marshall is originally a brand of amplifiers which has been used by one of the most … Continue reading

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I want music!

I have a 3G iPod Touch but I absolutely hate it. It turns on after a week when I try to open it, then the next week, it doesn’t turn on even if I charged it the day before and I don’t … Continue reading

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Nika’s Infinite Summer Playlist, Books and Must-Haves

This is just what I will and will not listen to or read or have. I have no intention of offending someone! These opinions here are my own and if you want to put a comment on me being “real”, … Continue reading

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I’m here blogging with a fever. The things we do for our readers. Appreciate! But here’s another post on my birthday wishes! I love everything about the arts (since it’s my passion). I absolutely fell in love with photography when Tita Connie lets us … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Young

Okay, so…. We came home from our annual Christmas Eve party at Tita Connie’s house (but that would be in another post) and we decided to open our gifts at two o’clock in the morning because we went home at about 1 … Continue reading

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