Pierre Barnoti asked: Hey man, I love your page, what background image do you use?

I think this question needed a post of its own, since I want to tell everyone the story of my background image. I think it will let people know who I really am.

It’s something I originally drew for a contest at this local store called Artwork where the winning drawing will get it printed as a t-shirt and sell it in their store. The only original thing about my background image are the buildings. I scrapped this original idea when the people said that they couldn’t print it because it was originally a doodle. I changed my drawing afterwards. I didn’t win the contest.

I wanted an original background of mine since I was only using pictures I saved from different websites. I wanted a background that states my Remember me through stars and skylines description. Instead of drawing a new one, I cut the skyline from my original Artwork drawing then drew the stars on another piece of paper which I eventually glued on afterwards.

My original thing was stars and skulls not stars and skylines. I thought of RMTSAS one Friday at school when we weren’t doing anything. Stars are my love from way back, skylines just describe the Manila girl which is really who I am.

So now you guys know the story of Remember me through stars and skylines so I hope you guys find this very me.


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Remember me through stars and skylines
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