Canon 60D


Today, we celebrated the despedida of my lololola and tita since they’ll be going home to Canada on the seventh. They all have their cameras with them whenever we have our annual Arboleda reunion (a reunion for all occasions) though the last time I saw my Canada relatives was when I was ten or eleven.


I was surprised to see my lolo take a picture of us young ones (haha sorry) with an SLR. At first I said, “That’s a 600D.” since the last camera I thought my grandfather had was a 60D. Then my tito asked lolo to play guitar (it was one of the his talents that I only found out today and this is one of the many traditions we Arboledas have which is someone will perform their talent. I’m know as the Arboleda who has none haha), my cousin started looking at the pictures on his camera then, BOOM. Canon 60D!


My grandfather has a freaking Canon 60D. I couldn’t believe it. I first told my parents, “This is the dream camera I was talking about! The one I showed you that costs 80,000.” I shot a few pictures with it and I felt happy. This is what I want to do with my life, this is what I want people knowing my name for. Someday, I’ll be a famous photographer and I’ll get all the cameras I wish I had.



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