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I made my decision!

I’m going to buy a Holga 135 BC. The film’s cheap as well and so worth it I’m so excited! Advertisements

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Before you judge

Think about why you’re doing it. I admit, I judge and back stab people a lot. But by judging them on their mistakes? That’s just stupid. Everyone makes mistakes. Can’t people just understand that? We all need our dose of gossip. I’m honestly the … Continue reading

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David Finch in Manila

“David Finch, awarded the Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Artist, is comng to Manila! Finch now writes and draws a new series entitled Batman: The Dark Knight, the first story arc of which deals with the detective’s more supernatural cases. … Continue reading

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Holga or LC-A?

If you read my post about my Christmas wishes, you know that I’m starving to buy a Lomo camera (or a red Canon 1100D. But I’m going to start with Lomography). I was actually interested in Lomography before real photography … Continue reading

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Maybe the first thing when you hear the name, “Batman”, you might think about that superhero with the wings, the mask and some of you might say that he has a “gay” sidekick, he has an enemy which is a … Continue reading

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Updates! 2-28-12

Will blog about my birthday very soon! I’m planning to delete my Tumblr account because Tumblr has really changed. I’m busy blogging about this Fully Booked Contest on Batman (Wish me luck!) and I’m also busy with school I won’t … Continue reading

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Archie Characters (Friends)

Meet Archie’s best friends! Dilton Doiley The smartest person in Riverdale. He is always inventing different machines,  has a huge love for math and science but he’s still there for Archie. He prefers staying at home in his lad then … Continue reading

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