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Survey #9

Wallet: Heavy, dirty Dream Car: Mini Cooper Toothbrush: Blue Jewelry Always : Necklaces and bracelets Pillowcase: It has stripes on it Eyes: Black Room: Small yet super fun and comfortable. It’s one of my favorite places in the world :) Love Life: … Continue reading

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Survey #8

My Favorite Drink: Coffee! Restaurant: Italianni’s TV Show: American Idol City: Manila BABY Food: CHEESE Desert: CHEESECAKE Magazine: Candy, Way to Relax: Lying down on my bed, looking at the sky Place: Anywhere in Manila is awesome Cell Phone: My … Continue reading

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Did you ever have the feeling that whenever you go to school raining, you automatically think that classes are suspended? That’s what happened to me yesterday. After music class, we saw people going downstairs with their bags. SUSPENDED! Classes are … Continue reading

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Survey #7

Since classes are suspended because of the storm, there’s no cable because of it and since I have nothing to do. 1. red rose or white? white 2. salt or pepper? Anything that can make my food taste awesome 3. pink or blue? depends … Continue reading

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I less then three Noukka Signe

I first saw Noukka Signe on Tumblr. I was searching for GIFs of The Script then I found out that she makes some. So I went on her account and followed her. After a while, I found out that she takes … Continue reading

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Juan’s 7th

Last July 16-17, we went to Sofitel for Juan’s 7th birthday. The pictures in the slideshow were taken at night, after we had dinner because my dad forgot to get the camera from the car. We arrived at about 1-2 … Continue reading

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I’m not really good at costumes for Halloween because I always end up improvising. Halloween is next month and I want to be prepared so here are my possible Halloween costumes :)  Me and my cousin, Nicole wanted to be … Continue reading

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