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SLR or iPhone 4?

HELP! I want to save for something but I don’t know what I’ll get between and SLR (Canon 1000D) or an iPhone 4. I want an SLR because I got inspired from Noukka Signe she takes self portraits and they are … Continue reading

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Raining Badly!

Ever since yesterday, it’s been raining hard. It was kinda stupid because I had to wake up super early (5:30) for our school’s feeding program but it got cancelled because of the heavy rainfall. So I had to call my … Continue reading

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Here in the Philippines, women have a debut celebration when they’re eighteen symbolizing their womanhood. Their like sweet sixteens and Quinseneras but there are a lot more things to do and a lot of things can happen. 18 Roses – 18 guys from families or … Continue reading

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Raindrops on the sun

Summer. Summer. Summer. Why have you left me?  It’s the third month of school and I miss Summer a hell lot. I don’t know what to do when everything is revolving around school. During summer, I didn’t care about life, I … Continue reading

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Behind all the smiles and tears

These things are so far the worst things that I’ve ever read and heard (I’m not sure if it’s true since a lot of people make stuff on the Internet). These literally ruined my childhood so don’t read if you … Continue reading

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